Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


MODEL PROMPT >>> Where have all the flowers gone?



They can't be planted anywhere.
They can't be planted in the middle of the street,
And they can't go into the woods either.
Because there'll be no trees,
And nothing but trees.
And that's the way for these little flowers to go.
They will be gone
They'll be scattered
And we'll walk down the street and look in the window.
The flowers just won't be there.
They will be gone
They will be scattered
And we'll walk down the street and look in the window.
So you can see that there'll be no plants in
This street.
And even the trees will be gone
Even my tree won't live any more.
The forest of trees no longer exists.
It is just another land,
No longer a place of play and fun.
So no more trees,
No more flowers will grow.
Because there won't be any leaves,
And the clouds will disappear.
There'll be no moon,
No stars in the sky either.
And nothing but stars.
What's funny is that these beautiful trees
Are the only things left by
The people who have been here all along. They're
Sick and tired of having a garden here,
Sick and tired of having to make a trip to this place.
For in their own way
As human beings they should be there,
They should be here.
They should be here,
And they don't deserve to die.
But here they just sit,
And the time to live is over.
And they are dying to go on living.
So let them go, let them go.
The flowers that are left are so ugly
That you could see with your bare eyes
The leaves that are still visible on the ground.
They are so ugly
That it would seem like a bad joke
If it were even possible
To see them.
But they're so ugly
That their leaves look so much more
Than they do now.
And it's sad really
To see that the time
To live is over.
I will make one last attempt
And plant a [flower]


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