NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty

Chris Baty
Creative Catalyst NaNoWriMo Founder Chris Baty

Interviewed by Steve Brannon

"But the impulse to create and make and dream is still with us. It doesn’t go away. It just waits, patiently, for us to find a way back to it again. For some adults, it happens through art classes or music lessons. For me, it was through NaNoWriMo. However you get back there, it just feels pretty incredible when you arrive."
—Chris Baty
Regi Claire / Stoyanov & Jones

Regi Claire
A Wee Bit Supernatural: Scottish Novelist Regi Claire
Interviewed by Ann Cefola

"I tend not to analyze my work because I am a bit superstitious: too much awareness might interfere with my imagination, kill it stone-dead."
—Regi Claire

Al Filreis
Mad for ModPo:
How the Top-Rated MOOC Makes Poetry Irresistible

Ann Cefola interviews ModPo founder Al Filreis

"ModPo is a massive open online course. I’d like to riff on “open.” Open means anyone can enroll. It’s free. Open also means unfinished or ambiguous. If you were to take calculus, you would know that Sir Isaac Newton has done the work already, and you would have to learn it. The material in ModPo itself is open and requires an open mind. We don’t know the answers, and you can come to your own conclusions."
—Al Filreis
Robert J. Sawyer / Clink

Robert J. Sawyer
Award-Winning Science Fiction Writer
Shares His Process and Writerly Wisdom
Interviewed by Gene Wilburn

“…the tiny, character-driven bits, the quieter scenes, the epiphanies, are often what the reader remembers most; they’re the heart and soul of your writing…”
—Robert J. Sawyer